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Chanel pre-fall 2011

Posted on December 14, 2010

For several years now, Chanel has taken some specialist craftsmen under its wing, protecting and perpetuating their know-how.  Desrues the costume jeweler, Lemarié the feather specialist, Lesage the embroiderer, Massaro the shoe-maker, Michel the milliner, Goossens the goldsmith and Guillet the floral accessory specialist are the seven artisanal ateliers the House purchased in 1997. Back in 2002, Karl Lagerfeld dedicated an annual collection to them, whilst also celebrating a city that is part of the House’s history. This year for the ninth occasion the destination was Byzantium, with a “Paris Byzance” collection, in keeping with the opening of a second Chanel boutique in Istanbul. In a decor worthy of an Ottoman Palace, Karl Lagerfeld revisited the bold colors and the antique golds of enamels…