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Cinematheque: the new episode

Posted on October 23, 2011

Cinematheque sessions premiered last night for the new season at Bios curated by Vasilis Konstantoudakis of Orila.net.  The first guests were  Ku, Cassettine and Nanotekt , producing a very special audiovisual artwork. stay tuned for more exquisite Cinematheque nights as we have much to expect. MachineCodeSunseT from nanotekt on Vimeo.

“Muta” by Miu Miu

Posted on July 22, 2011

 Beverly Hills, 19 of July 2011 – Miu Miu flies to Los Angeles for the premiere of “Muta”, the short film directed by Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel, which is also the second chapter of The Miu Miu Women’s Tales project: A contemporary film noir and a personal reflection on the transformative power of femininity. For this occasion, an iconic 1920s mansion on La Collina Drive was transformed by Oscar winning set designer Martin Childs. Their interior designs were inspired by the Miu Miu Autumn/Winter 2011 collection where old Hollywood from the 40’s meets European Glamour. The intention of the set design was to recreate a cinematic film noir stage which has been abandoned by its actors. Upon entering the courtyard, guests encountered a vintage car with chauffer from the 1940 s, setting…

Athens Open Air Film Festival- The Space

Posted on July 21, 2011

The 17th Athens International Film Festival presented last night- during the first Athens Open Air film Festival– the Space Story, a series of  twelve short silent films of the beginning of the 20th century dedicated to the meaning and sense of “Space” Τhe adventures of space as room, as distance, as periods of time, as the place out of planet earth was the point of focus in an open dialogue between two greek musicians, Aggelos Kyriou and Fantastikoi Hxoi, that were invited  to write music for The Space Story a warm july night at middletown athens with black & white masterpieces and great music by Aggelos & Mr. Fantastic The classical film of George Melier “Eclipse de soleil un pleine lune” dressed with Fantastikoi Hxoi-…