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Into the Fashion Wonderland

Posted on December 18, 2012

A big fancy fairy-tale party was the way that Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya chose to celebrate Christmas and the big success of its blogzine www.intothefashionworkshop.com, in which I have the honor and pleasure to participate.

The decoration and dresscode was inspired by Tim Walker’s photoshoots and Tim Burton’s dark movies,

so this left the guests with some freedom regarding their attire.

Vicky was a fabulous hostess, Catherine Baba was also there as the guest of honor invited especially for the party, beautiful people and fever music  -definitely a great party.

See more images here.

Cocteles y Xmas, almost de Cuba

Posted on December 14, 2012

It’s nice to feel an 8 year-old  every now and then, plus allowed to have alcohol on top of that. It was really fun making my own Christmas ornaments last night at TGI Fridays, together with my girlfriends and the new Havana-inspired cocktails, with three different types of Havana rum and lots of fantasy. All thanks to Valia of value.com.
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Unique Edition Night Out

Posted on December 4, 2012

Colorsplash, familiar faces, a live performance by Marina Satti and a zillion Absolut Unique Edition bottles

(from which, one came home with me) at last night’s Absolut party.

By the way , may I say that the Unique Edition is the best creative of Absolut so far -statement coming from a pure Absolut fanatic.
photo (9)photo (10)photo (6)photo (4)photo (5)marinasatti

the deadalive

Posted on November 1, 2012

Vampires, dead people, black brides and skeleton clowns:

the best Halloweeners in town gathered for one night in a private party with blood and tears. The preparation was the ultimate fun-part,

trusted on the magic hands of make up artist Athanasia Mimitou (amimitouΑΤgmailDOTcom),

whose name you should remember for she’s about to conquer Athens’ beauty scene.

Gaultier’s Music Stars

Posted on October 4, 2012

Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion show was a party, an ode to music stars!

Disco balls and colorful headlights warmed us up of what was next and “Kiss” at the front row was another hint.

Models came out dressed as Grace Jones and then the music changed to Eurythmics “Sweet dreams” and multiple Annie Lenoxes appeared -and then changed again and black models came out as sexy Michael Jacksons under the matching soundtrack. Dancers were giving their own show at the back while gorgeous girls were parading as Charlotte Gainsbourgs, Madonnas, Boy Georges, Sades, Catherine Ringer and David Bowies,

in perfect alignment with the soundtrack!

The finale was dedicated to Amanda Lear playing herself and the show ended with the dancers and Jean-Paul running down the catwalk in laughs, overloading the guests with party vibes!

I have also taken a couple of videos but you have to wait for those a bit, dear fashion junkies.

summer manifesto

Posted on July 6, 2012

a mid-summer warm night under a full moon at Thission, out at the wonderful terrace of George C. Carabellas’s soon-to-be-ex-house was the set-up for a cocktail soiree, something 0f a goodbye party, a good chance to catch up with friends and use chalk (i don’t event want to think when was the last time I wrote on a blackboard), declaring on the walls what consists one’s summer manifesto. Pretty girls and handsome boys was, apparently, the secret theme of the gathering: Miss-Athenes, Michael Pandos, LemonCake, Dimitris Sarantou, All You Need is Style, Dimitris Petrou, Stamos Michael and Olivia were just some of the beauties that paraded at the architectural jewel at Thission.