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Posted on April 15, 2012

What i really needed for my easter holidays was to stay home. Just stay there.

And relax by taking some good care of the house, cooking, dying psychedelic easter eggs and taking the usual annual photos of my wisteria tree, in full bloom. I also enjoyed a semi-celebrational vegie thai dinner at Miss-Athenes’s. Very. And some good music. And a hair mask. And matching my eggs with details of the house.

Herb Alpert- This guy’s in love with you (1968)


Posted on February 18, 2012

last night: a delicious meal at TGI Friday’s invited by value.com with buckets of marguerita cocktails, followed by the live performance of Flesh United and Rattler Proxy at No Central. night finished at Floral, where Fantastikoi Hxoi got us sky-high with some of the hottest of my hotlist’s tracks. here’s last night’s soundtrack