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happened on a saturday night

Posted on May 9, 2011

this is a song coming straight from Aggelos FH, who played once again great musing last night after the Baby Guru live at 6d.o.g.s, which was a blast since Baby Guru is one of the most prominent and musically aware greek bands currently in Greece. great drums, coolest bass and amazing keybords, these boys are hot but let’s start from the beginning:

07.30 in the morning

Posted on March 15, 2011

Saturday night was a loooong night that started from the “Tripradio & deBop” party at The Hub Events and finished late in the morning with Mayaan Nidam spinning some vinyls at the fifth “Deep Inside” party at 6d.o.g.s. Sunday wasn’t enough for recharge, i feel it now. flight36-B, Knobs & MrCantfind the hotties, Annabelle & AlexWalex Mayaan great guys behind great parties

knot arts

Posted on January 19, 2011

Kerkville is a project of musician Michael Moschoutis. By using basically the guitar (acoustic, electric, lap steel, pedal steel) kirkville produces harmonic soundscapes that vary between ambient and post-rock.  In October 2010 his first album “Days” was released by Triple Bath.

about A Thousand beautiful women:  “To abandon all our familiar forms and dive into the abstract isn’t as easy as it may sound.
We need new everything to conflict our memories and childhood images and all of our inner messages.
Then it shall be loud and clear as if it were whispered in the most silent night song, close to the ear that could be pined on ones brain.”

the performance will take place at Knot Gallery


Posted on January 13, 2011

Onassis Cultural Center opened its doors on December’s 11 and apart from the building, which is quite  impressive, the foundation can brag for presenting a rich and very interesting program, varying from lectures to theater plays and dance. take a look at the current events and stay tuned for numerous gigs. (aren’t you just captured by the view of the copper and wood sculptures at the entrance?)

Elektro Guzzi

Posted on October 28, 2010

6 D.O.G.S celebrated its first year of existence with a party and Elektro Guzzi on the top of it, who they may look like a traditional band when you see the typical guitar-bass-drum combination but they have absolutely nothing to do with it. The sound produced when they start is great techno, performed live in front of you, with all the loops and beats and sounds created the same moment. You close your eyes and you find it hard to believe that these guys use no computers. nothing. nada. niente. never seen anything like it before just to get an idea:    


Posted on October 14, 2010

The only i think i regret missing while i was living la dolce vita in Paris, is the event that Orila phonographic label organized in the beginning of October. Vassilis and Yannis made one of their dream come true, to gather some musicians all together for a trip, to play their music in the woods for a small audience that cares to listen. Fortunately my friend was there: “Saturday, 10.00 sharp, bus is waiting across the columns of Olympian Zeus along with a Hippie looking group of people that generates curiosity and probably fear to the eyes of an other group of old people parking their bus next to us. their curiosity climaxes when they see all these funny looking luggage been loaded on…