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Posted on June 14, 2011

my main activities during my small trip to Brussels was to walk around and buy expensive chocolate and vice versa.  my friends took good care of me and drove me to the best chocolaterie of Belgium and probably one of the best worldwide, a temple of haute patisserie and cocoa bins.  Pierre Marcolini apart from the permenant pastry collection, presents from time to time ephemeral inspired ones, such as the current “Pastel” that you see below, a chocolates collection with fruity filling infused with lime, passion fruit, mango and yuzu (yummy) As this was not enough, i couldn’t resist buying the framboise heart-shaped bijoux, and truffles and of course macarons, that are compiting mercilessly Ladurée . oh and a spicy carré with tabasco.  


Posted on June 9, 2011

Monday in Stockholm, in an old factory that now’s being used for Gant presentations and events, Kostas had the chance to see all Gant collections for next spring/summer, inspired by classic films such as the Great Gatsby for “All American Prep” and Out of Africa for “An American in Morocco”or the revival of older ones, like  the 60’s inspired “Rugger” collection. full of color and as american as it gets.    

Karmic Dream Sequence

Posted on June 7, 2011

Talented Mr. Fantastikoi Hxoi hits again, with a collection of new remixes and re edits – and you know he’s damn good at it.

wait no more, for here is the hot stuff, tagged under the file names of sun-drenched psychedelia, library music and assorted oddities (!).

Listen and run to download while you can,  sunburned music at its best.

get it here

sketch from the current exhibition ‘Drawing Stories 2’ at Ileana Tounta