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Posted on January 21, 2011

This season the ‘Première’ collection of Maison Martin Margiela – the collection ahead of the défilé – revolves around the idea of contrast, division and simplicity. The collection is clean and minimalistic in detail, focusing on stereotype masculine dress versus feminine, outerwear versus loungewear, large versus fitted volumes (divided graphically at the waist), and a play on contrasting materials.

knot arts

Posted on January 19, 2011

Kerkville is a project of musician Michael Moschoutis. By using basically the guitar (acoustic, electric, lap steel, pedal steel) kirkville produces harmonic soundscapes that vary between ambient and post-rock.  In October 2010 his first album “Days” was released by Triple Bath.

about A Thousand beautiful women:  “To abandon all our familiar forms and dive into the abstract isn’t as easy as it may sound.
We need new everything to conflict our memories and childhood images and all of our inner messages.
Then it shall be loud and clear as if it were whispered in the most silent night song, close to the ear that could be pined on ones brain.”

the performance will take place at Knot Gallery

prada ss2011 advertising campaign

Posted on January 15, 2011

Luxurious neon-stoles, giant sombreros wrapped in electric stripes and bold banana prints come to life on some of the world’s best models: Mariacarla Boscono, Tati Cotliar and Kinga Rajzak alongside with Prada’s new discovery Arizona Muse. Vibrant and playful fashion images shot by long-term Prada collaborator Steven Meisel. Meisel captures the models in exaggerated dance poses and freeze-frames, inspired by the legendary jazz age entertainer Josephine Baker. These gestures become animated in the campaign film, also by Meisel, where a funky-jazz soundtrack and rapid movements create a pop atmosphere.


Posted on January 13, 2011

Onassis Cultural Center opened its doors on December’s 11 and apart from the building, which is quite  impressive, the foundation can brag for presenting a rich and very interesting program, varying from lectures to theater plays and dance. take a look at the current events and stay tuned for numerous gigs. (aren’t you just captured by the view of the copper and wood sculptures at the entrance?)