sunday morning in Paris was sunny and relaxing, until the sun went down and the vampires came out.

we first visited Diane Pernet’s ASVOFF3 film festival, where we had a chance to pose with huge masks, watch fashion films and listen to some cello. i was happily surprised to see Gaspar Claus again, a very young, talented sweet french cellist i met in Athens a few months ago, when he performed casually one night for ten people at Vinyl Microstore. Check-out his music and some beautiful videos by Blogotheque here. For the festival Gaspar performed with Sayoko.

after that, it was party time: Givenchy’s after- show party. Apart from celebrating the new collection, it was also Mariacarla’s birthday and Riccardo Tisci decided to combine it with a birthday surprise for her. Courtney Love accompanied by a guitar, sang unplugged Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance (!) and soon after that, things got out of hand, we danced and laughed and i’m quite positive there were no glasses left unbroken at L’ Arc club. Filep took many photos and some videos

one hell of a night..