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Marni & Ladurée

Posted on September 30, 2010

On the occasion of fashion week, the recently opened Ladurée boutique in Milan  dedicated a window to Marni. The concept represents the two brands : Marni with its Italian tradition, depicted by the Duomo di Milano and Ladurée, a prominent French symbol.     For Ladurée, Consuelo Castiglioni has designed this limited edition box featuring Marni’s distinctive elements such as the polka dot motifs and flower applications.   The box is available in two sizes: for eight or eighteen macaroons and will contain, in the limited edition series, chocolate filled macaroons adorned with gold sheets or a customized version where macaroon lovers can choose their favourite flavours

milanese taste

Posted on September 28, 2010

Vogue Hellas fashion editor Giorgia Pantele travelled to Milan for the fashion week and has some things to show us: when your day starts with this, then it’s definitely going to be a fine day.. two great collections: Jil Sander.. ..and MaxMaramy friend Polina Sarri took a picture of those three grand ladies- Anna, Grace, Carine, always good to see you. at the presentation of Gianvito Rossi collection Chanel bags always prefer to go out together

Beyond Dress Codes

Posted on September 28, 2010

at the opening of the exhibition “Beyond Dress Codes” last night, at the Hellenic American Union Galleries. Greek inspiration and beautiful outfits, some of them way too beautiful and artistic The exhibition is curated by Lydia Kamitsis on the occasion of the forthcoming publication of “Traditional Greek Costume” by the Hellenic American Union and it will be open until October 27 2010.

A temporary area: Athens

Posted on September 21, 2010

in September 2009 Vincent Moon and Thomas Rabillon of  La Blogotheque visited Athens for several days, invited by Athens International Film Festival to shoot, as they said, a musical experiment: 15 local bands performing live in one take. many dear friends of mine participated in this event that day of September, which took place at Booze Cooperativa, so i was there, enjoying myself in a musical celebration and a very interesting project with different artists performing in all the three floors of the building and Vincent Moon twirling around them with a camera, to create a year after what was called ‘A temporary Area in Athens’. The music documentary premiered last night during Athens International Film Festival 2010 and as Thomas said in a small introduction, the outcome in total…