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Poseidonion Grace

Posted on May 31, 2010

our last shooting for summer season took place last week at Spetses island, which i hadn’t visited for ten years or so. didn’t see much of the island anyway but the hotel where we stayed was perfect enough to compensate us and make us not to want go anyplace else. well you don’t call it just a hotel. Poseidonion Grace is a place with great history, built in 1914 and fully renovated in 2009, this mansion is a landmark of Spetses, a building of unique beauty and the last of its kind remaining around Mediterranean sea. with it’s original marble staircases, old-fashioned tiles and cast iron balconies Poseidonion is perfect down to its last detail my room before the invasion of a devouring pile…

Matteus last night: Ugly doll’s stories

Posted on May 30, 2010

in an old market that now works once a week, the background  was ready for Matteus to perform with his characteristic  prose songs from his latest release “Ugly Doll’s Stories”, an ode to non-communication between human beings. Matteus picks up the role of the customer entering a doll shop and every doll has its own story to tell about how it got or ended up there, a long journey with voices and stories ending up into a narration from each doll’s point of view, dealing with matters such as love, emotional breakdowns, separation, solitude and happiness. The “Ugly doll’s stories” came out in a beautiful artwork and is available from today at Orila.net. I hate to repeat myself but it worths mentioning once more that Matteus will…

orila releases: Matteus – Ugly doll’s stories

Posted on May 29, 2010

very happy to announce Orila’s fifth release: recorded half way through at Hvammstangi of Iceland, Matteus “Ugly doll’s stories” will be presented live on Saturday 29th of May at the municipal market of Kypseli, 42 Fokionos Negri str, at 19.00. Sweet Matteus, a musician with mainly northern influences, plays piano, keyboards, theremin, harpsichord, glockenspiel, marimba and live electronics to compose musical landscapes for people who love traveling without moving- and maybe something more than that. you are mostly welcome to a sound trip with no particular destination. apart from that, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy our dearest Matteus at Synch festival , in June 5th readmylips

Dior Blue- “Shanghai”

Posted on May 24, 2010

1947 marked the first appearance of a Sapphire dress that was to recur in a number of Monsieur Dior’s collections. With the birth of ‘The New Look’ , blue was already part of the house’s palette a “Bleu de Paris”, a shade of blue that since then runs the veins of Dior House. Elisabeth, Haute Couture Automne Hiver 1954/55, photo Laziz Hamani. Dame Bleue, Haute Couture Automne Hiver 1948/49, photo Willy Maywald, ADAGP 2010 Perichole, Haute Couture Printemps Ete 1953, photo Laziz Hamani. Bleuette, Croquis de Christian Dior, Haute Couture Printemps Eté 1947. Haute Couture Printemps Ete 2009 Christian Dior par John Galliano. Haute Couture Printemps Ete 2009 Christian Dior par John Galliano. While all eyes are on Shanghai for the universal exhibition, Dior…