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birthday night-in

Posted on April 18, 2010

it was Myrto’s birthday last night and we all gathered at her place to celebrate her sweet 30s. my best wishes to you girl, love you truly girls and the twins that’s Myrto’s mom on the picture and i was that close to steal it and take it home with me, i swear i tried really hard to play the violin for the hostess. baaad musician. good entertainer though. sissy and her retro snake-skin peep-toes lucky birthday girl had two cakes- the second one as a present from her girlfriends, featuring Myrto in a picture from our last summer vacations together in Antiparos, two years ago. How the heck do they do that on a cake? seriously now anyway, i don’t want to steal…

backstage at DeuxHommes last night

Posted on April 13, 2010

masterful pieces hanging on rails on the classy carpets , under the dim light of big chandeliers.. Elena Syraka accessorizing the girls with her butterfly jewels more glitter please Dimitris and Gregory adding the final touch fab friends every one desired Apostolos’s little Chanel bag my Filep took this pretty picture of me it may look chaotic but everything proved to be under control.

DeuxHommes FW2010-11

Posted on April 13, 2010

DeuxHommes collection for next winter, at Grand Bretagne Ball Room tonight: I know Gregory and Dimitris since i first started working and i have a sentimental attachment to them. Their new collection: love… silk chiffon dreamy dresses, sexy lingerie, fur pants, big luxurious coats, some drapery, nude and pinks, black and icy,all perfectly detailed with leather, fur or lace. a beautiful presentation of the collection, from music edit to lights and styling. Congratulations guys, i’m very happy for you. *special thanks to Maria Mastori


Posted on April 12, 2010

i’m very strict and particular when it comes to perfumes, use the same one for years and haven’t been very willing to change it. ‘Epic’ and ‘Lyric’ are Amouage latest fragrances and i declare enamorada with the first one- but with the woody oriental version for men (well, i’m very keen on unisex parfumerie) . you cannot say it’s an easy perfume and that’s probably why it penetrates my head.. Behind every Amouage creation there’s a mystical story, beautifully narrated in videos: Epic and Lyric

Triad by Rudolf Belling

Posted on April 11, 2010

when i came across this statue of Rudolf Belling at Berlin i was magnetized and circled around it several times. those three abstract human figures seem like they dance, like there’s actual movement to the wood. Rudolf Belling achieved with this piece to unify the three major forms of art, painting, sculpture and architecture this small video i took may give you an idea have it: four tet- Angel Echoes readmylips