dear friends and family,

despite the actual fact that time is little and precious and as if we didn’t have enough in mind already, me and my tramp Vassilis , decided to spend another night playing music for those of you brave ones dare to join as again. being stressed to death last time we joined forces in January, i don’t have a clear idea weather you had a nice time or not but judging from the pictures, some of you might actually have liked it. so we have the audacity to dice-play your sunday night again.

Vassilis also had this magnificent idea to name us “Kuakuakua”.

don’t look at me.

I never agreed to that and i don’t even dare try to understand how is it Being John Malkovich but i know little about photoshop so i’m in his mercy.

you’re most welcome to pass by 6 D.O.G.S for a drink around 22.00 and ask for your favorite song. i probably won’t play it  but i’m dying to know what you have in mind.

yours sincerely,